Founded in 2002 by Carlos Keyes, Red Entertainment Agency represents a diverse clientele that includes new and established performers. In addition to his work as president of Red Entertainment Agency, Carlos Keyes has created a number of touring packages, including the sold-out Soul Divas Tour, KC’s Sunshine Blast, and the Regeneration Tour. First organized in 2008, the Regeneration Tour consists of successful bands from the 1980s and has been popular among fans of the era. 

Billed as the premier ’80s tour of North America, the Regeneration Tour will be back with a new lineup in August 2013. This year’s shows mark the first return of the touring package since 2010, and it will feature Men Without Hats, Information Society, Howard Jones, and Andy Bell from the synthpop duo Erasure. Regeneration Tour 2008 members A Flock of Seagulls and Naked Eyes will also perform at select stops. The Human League, which was also part of the 2008 lineup, was slated to perform this August as well but canceled.

Although the Regeneration Tour is not reaching as many cities as fans would like, dates are planned for a number of California stops, two in both Oregon and New York State, and a show in Mexico City.