Red Entertainment Agency: What To Look for When Selecting a Talent Agent

June 10, 2013

With years of experience assisting some of the recording industry’s biggest sounds, Red Entertainment Agency knows what artists should look for in their agency.

New musical acts often focus on creating a new sound and spending time in the studio. When it comes time to perform live, however, they might find it helpful to hire a talent agency to handle the task of booking and promotion

First, the performer or group should seek an agent that is familiar with or specializes in their genre. A classical pianist would not have much success with an indie rock agent, as the small clubs and college stages most familiar to one are not the concert halls sought by the other.

Also, the geographic range of the upcoming tour must come into consideration. Some agents know a regional scene very well, while others are experts at booking international performances. So where the musicians want to go should play a part in selecting an agent.

Finally, agree upon promotion services. Discuss who will handle advertising and media relations and what is expected in each area from each party.


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